It Looks Kind Of Like A Wet Cigarette

February 25th, 2011

Imagine if a mouth actually looked like this?

Well you don’t have to imagine, just look at it, genius.

Kyle “Tricked You With Words” Gatehouse

p.s.  I was cool with all the talking dinosaurs, and the birds that could peck through stone, and the incredibly hot wives, but I’m sorry, there is no way you could drive a wood/stone car using only your feet for propulsion. Even if there were four people in the car, and their body weight/leg muscle ratio was at its optimum, that shit would not move anywhere near as fast as Fred needs it to in order to get to work in the mornings. Like, put a saddle on a pterodactyl or something. Anything. And just fucking eat that stupid cat! No way would I let a pet kick me out of my house. Yeah right no way get real. Grow up.

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Mar 02, 2011
And another good reason, not to smoke......