A letter to FroggToggs.com

December 22nd, 2010


A pair of camo waders.

To the friendly folks at FroggToggs.com,

I am a professional dog walker and am forced to work in all types of weather. As this is how I earn my living, I sometimes have no choice but to march my “herd” out into the rainy day around me and assume the inevitable consequence of getting quite wet. To make matters worse, one particular member of the “herd” is a very large golden retriever (her name is Lily) that loves to play in water! Needless to say, we certainly do get wet.

It was only quite recently that a friend of mine suggested I purchase a pair of waders. I finally gave in and bought my first pair little over a year ago (a rival brand of yours). They were fine for a short amount of time until a poorly glued seam began splitting. I returned to the place of purchase and immediately exchanged them. Lo and behold, the replacement pair deteriorated in a similarly short amount of time. I wrote to the company but never heard a peep back from them. I have since decided to look elsewhere for my waders.

I am tired of broken promises and waders that fail to deliver. I have not been able to find any stores carrying your products in my city and I have never trusted ordering something via Inter-Net without having seen the item physically in front of me. Therefore, I am contacting your company in the hopes that you might send me either a pair of “Cascades Bootfoot Waders – Cleated” or “BoggTogg Camo Chest Waders – Cleated” in order to sample and scrutinize while on the job.

Too many companies these days suggest that they have tremendous customer service without ever delivering when their customers need it most. Here is your chance to impress a jaded wader wearer. I hope that I will soon be performing my job walking dogs through fog in FroggTogg’s BoggToggs.

I look forward to your reply,

Matthew Raudsepp

Walkie-Doggie Inc.

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Aug 12, 2015
for this is to use a carpet reannmt to stand on taking off your normal shoes and putting on your waders.a0 I don't know about you, but the last time I replaced the carpet in my house I was left with a
Jan 17, 2011
"Jaded wader wearer"!! It's as if you are speaking directly to my soul.
Dec 23, 2010
I have my fingers crossed!