A letter to Heelys

March 12th, 2011

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To the wheelers and dealers at Heelys,

You do not offer size 14 men’s shoes. Why is that? My entire basketball team was planning a fundraiser event for a tournament we had to pay our own way to and we wanted to do something unique to draw a crowd. We thought up an elaborate Heelys obstacle course in and around our school. We went to a local store that supplies the shoes and they didn’t have any sizes bigger than 11 men’s. We looked online and could only find a few size 12’s on eBay.

Reinhardt and myself are size 14, Aaron Mutton is actually size 14.5 and growing, while the rest of the team is between sizes 11 and 13. Our mascot, Hoop-There-It-Is, is size 9 women’s. She already owns a pair Heelys, but she only had them for a few months and already holes had opened up on the top of the shoe. And no, she doesn’t grind with the tops of her shoes…

We are a basketball team that almost bought an entire team’s worth of Heelys. You guys lost out big time. I can’t believe that a sporting goods company won’t cater to a huge part of the sports market: ballers. In the end, our fundraiser was a potato sac obstacle course that culminated in an extreme wheelbarrow race. The rails we built served to hold back the small audience we tried hard to gather instead of serving as pipes to grind down with Heelys. Lame.

I’m really disappointed in Heelys. Make some size 14’s and then we’ll talk.


Matt Raudsepp (size 14 men’s)

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