A letter to Kleenex

January 12th, 2011

To Mr. Kleenex,

I am a six year old boy. My mom is helping me write this but I thought of all of it. She will say hello after my letter.

I used to have a pet bird. His name was Pauly D. He liked crackers and sleeping. His cage was very soft because I put Kleenex on the floor. One day he looked very funny because his legs couldn’t move right. He was dancing and talking. My mom told me he was sick. That night I had a dream that he was asleep in a half full Kleenex box and it was the best bed he ever had. When I woke up he was dead. Me and my mom buried him in a half full Kleenex box in a secret place in the back yard. It was the best bed he ever had.

Last night I dreamed that I was sleeping in a half full Kleenex box. When I was eating pancakes for breakfast I told my mom that if I ever die I want to be buried in a human sized half full Kleenex box in my secret place in the back yard. My mom says she promises. She says that the only thing that’s hard about her promise is that she doesn’t have a human sized Kleenex box. Do you have any human sized Kleenex boxes? Do you have any sheets of Kleenex the size of my bedspread? Do you make a lot of Kleenex at your factory?

My mom said that she would cry a lot if she buried me. I said that we will need a lot of Kleenex for her but she can’t use my human sized ones. She just needs regular sized nose ones for her eyes. Can you promise me that if I ever die you will make me a human sized Kleenex box to sleep in and give my mom as much Kleenex as she wants? I am four feet tall and could fit in any Kleenex box bigger than four feet long.

Thank you Mr. Kleenex,

Matthew Raudsepp

(Hello, I thought you should hear my kid’s thoughts. I told him that big companies don’t usually write back to little kids but that I hoped Kleenex was different. I know it would make Matthew’s day if he were to receive a letter from you stating that if he ever died (so cute!) you would try your best to make a human sized Kleenex box for him to sleep in. If you’d like, the fine print could say that your agreement is only valid for one year, or one hour for all I care. He would simply love to receive a fun letter in the mail. Thank you so much for listening to a little boy’s flight of fancy! -Matthew’s mom Samantha)

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Matt and Kyle and Matt
Jan 23, 2011
Haha amazing. Thanks, Rachel!
Jan 20, 2011
If you go to kleenex.com you can send a free box of kleenex to a friend (or yourself, if so desired)
Jan 16, 2011
i could cuddle little matty
Jan 13, 2011
I'm really looking forward to the reply from this one