A letter to Lipton

January 1st, 2011

A pyramid-shaped Lipton tea bag.

Dear lads and ladies at Lipton,

First off, let me say this: I absolutely love your Green Tea with Mandarin Orange. I lip tons of it!

Secondly, where in the world did you come up with pyramid-shaped bags? No, I know where… they make me feel like I’m tea bagging with Cleopatra in ancient Egypt! This giant leap forward in tea technologies (TT’s) makes me feel like a Pharaoh. I decree: “Have my slaves build pyramids – and fill them up with all the tea in the world. Bury me in my basement if it means perfectly steeped tea for all eternity”.

I promise to entrust my bag to your TT’s. Lipton, Lipton, Lipton! If you can manage it, please send me some tea to refill my dwindling supply. I’ve yet to try your white tea. I would be eternally grateful (said the Pharaoh) if I were to receive some samples.

May your TT’s continue to develop, and may they always point forward!

Yours truly,

Matt Raudsepp

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This Chris
Jan 17, 2011
I just snotted myself reading this.