A letter to Post-it Notes

March 2nd, 2011

Post-it Note to buy electrical tape

To the people at Post-it Notes,

A former friend recently suggested using Post-it Notes as an alternative to tape (I had been complaining about the ink from pens ironically not adhering to Scotch Tape). I thought, “Hey, that’s a great idea! I’ll wrap gifts with Post-its and voila, a built-in gift tag!”

I had gotten used to using Post-its for all of my taping needs, so naturally, when it came time to do some home repairs, I thought, “I know that Post-its will do the job just fine.” …Wrong. Never use Post-it Notes as a replacement for electrical tape. They’re pretty much made entirely out of paper. Needless to say, a small fire started while I was at work. When I got home, I was faced with the equivalent of a giant Post-it Note reading: “Find a new place to live.”

I’m writing to your company in the hopes that my story will prevent similar disasters. On every package of Post-it Notes, I suggest writing a warning message on the top sheet of each pad, reading: “Do not use as electrical tape.” It could help someone else like me.

I want to make this absolutely clear: I still love your product. In fact, just the other day I bought a huge amount of Post-its (I’m trying to cover up the fire damage with a mosaic of multi-coloured Post-it Notes). If you could find it in your hearts to send me some free Post-its to help with my temporary damage control plan, I would be truly impressed with you folks.

Sincerely, one of the few people who place their entire faith in Post-it Notes,

Matthew Raudsepp

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