A letter to Velcro

March 26th, 2011

I met Anne Paré recently at a concert my band was playing. She’s an artist working with Velcro canvases – something I hadn’t seen before. Here’s an example of her work, followed by a letter I wrote to Velcro:

Anne Paré

Dear Velcro,

I am in contact with an artist currently working on a new idea. She stitches Velcro strips together in order to create large canvases, which she then “paints” with string, yarn, and sundry fibers. The result is beautiful, however, the preparatory process of these canvases is so time consuming that the impulse to create is sometimes delayed its satisfaction.

Could you find it in your hearts to send us large enough sheets of Velcro to use as canvases? I see this as being quite mutually beneficial. People will see your product being used in a new and creative way, which I believe will garner a renewed interest in Velcro and have them running to you for supplies. We are desperately in need of patrons in the arts these days, and Velcro, I’m sure, could afford to send us a few sheets in order to help an artist develop her personal style. Anything will help.

We will be forever in your debt. Trust me on this one.


Matthew Raudsepp

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Mar 29, 2011
Thank you!
Mar 26, 2011
To me this is a sincere letter. If it were a petition, I would sign it. p.s. she does amazing art