A response from FroggToggs.com

January 5th, 2011

FroggToggs.com replied to the email I wrote them on December 22, 2010. What follows is a photo of their response which I screen-captured from my inbox.

I replied to their message with the following email.

Hello Mr. Fowler,

I was honestly expecting some sort of automated, electronic answering machine response. Thank you for taking the time to get back to me personally. I truly appreciate that.

As per your request, the benefits FroggToggs.com would receive by sending me a free pair of waders would be gaining a lifelong customer and committed supporter who, in turn, would extol the virtues of your company to any and everyone he ever met along the “dog walking trail” of life. I do have a large clientele that is easily influenced by me. Not four months ago I recommended a certain heavy duty choke-chain to one of my clients who proceeded to purchase several of them before her little puppy’s next scheduled walk.

I can also offer up my sister-in-law’s services as a video camera person and produce a testimonial video praising the waders and encouraging viewers to visit your Web business (on the condition that I truly find the waders to be satisfactory). My sister-in-law tells me she already has an idea for “lighting some rain droplets as they cascade down the boot-foot waders”, giving me shivers in the imagining of. She filmed her own wedding video too. I don’t know how she does it!

In the event that you deem these benefits to be unsatisfactory – I would be happy to accept a few pictures of the waders in question being tested to my standards. A series of pictures in which the waders are suspended, filled with water, and hit and swatted at with a bat or fishing rod (without any of the water spilling from the seams) would give me the confidence to use my credit card and make an Inter-Net purchase of the waders at your on-line merchant’s store.

Thank you again, Mr. Fowler!


Matthew Raudsepp

Walkie-Doggie Inc.

P.S. Your name suggests to me that you come from a long line of bird catchers. Do you hunt fowl? Have you a golden retriever by any chance?

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Will Fowler
Feb 09, 2011
Matt, I am really glad that I didn't just delete your email like i do everyone else who contacts me ( and I AM just kidding, BTW). Seriously, this is a pretty good gig you have here and I like your approach to what you are doing. Honestly, i probably would not have thought of this as a way to gauge CS departments and a company's response level to inquiries. Good job and keep it up. Call me and we'll talk about those free waders. Maybe you can do a review of them for me...
Jan 06, 2011
After reading your post first impression was that you were gonna be getting some free waders... Rather than provide him with sufficient reason to give you a free sample, you provided him with so much more: Clever puns, absurd imagery and an interesting take on his name... all this in addition to the reasons he was seeking. Tell me if they meet your high, yet very reasonable, standards.
Jan 05, 2011
I cannot believe you got a response...What a great and funny one too..this guy has a great sense of humour ..Keep sending them out ,I look forward to reading more especially the responses, just tooo funny lol!!!!!