A response from KC Fortune Cookie Factory

July 27th, 2011

KC Fortune Cookie Factory got back to me pronto via email. Chairman Kwan did not respond himself (which is a real disappointment to me), but instead left it up to his marketing department – more evidence that he has “too little control” of his company [see: Chairman Kwan's last blog post]. No sign of him since his last post in January… where is he? I fear the worst.

fortune response

It all feels like dialogue between two diplomatic alien races on Star Trek. I immediately responded:

Oh, I am fortunate! Thank you, Rachele. Please let Chairman Kwan know how thankful I am. And please, remind him to post another piece on his blog. We are all awaiting his words.

If you could, send them to [...] And may joy continue to spread like the dough of your cookies.
Matthew Raudsepp

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Rachele Cermak
Jan 26, 2012
Hi Matt, Never read this post until today. Sad to think you believe Chairman Kwan has too little control over his business because I responded to the e-mail you sent through our contact form to "other" which went to my e-mail account. There is no vast marketing department at our facility. Sunny and I discussed your e-mail, and he told me what to do regarding the inquiry. KCFortuneCookieFactory.com is a family run business with a small team focused on accuracy and quality. We wanted you to receive something in return for your email to us. Too bad it seems the response you received was not on par with what you wanted. Best of luck, Rachele