Matt G met Matt R’s sister in elementary school, but he didn’t meet Matt R until years later. Matt R and Kyle met in a high school production of A Christmas Carol. They stayed friends. In college, Matt G and Matt R met and bonded over both knowing Matt R’s sister. Kyle was in the car with Matt R for that big car ride and that’s where Matt G and Kyle met. Over the course of the next few years, Matt R and Kyle and Matt G all slowly became better friends. They did some talking and moved in together to make this website. These are guys that get excited about a lot of stuff. They want to make some honest-to-goodness goodness.

Matt R’s Bio

Kyle’s Bio

Matt G’s Bio

Matthew Raudsepp is half Estonian (Thanks Dad!). He enjoys acting in theatre and film and television, and writing and playing and recording music. He is in a band: HONHEEHONHEE ( Matt R is a graduate of the John Abbott College Professional Theatre program in Montreal. Keep an eye out for his future haircuts (Thanks Mom!). “Haircuts are like snowflakes, they’re never exactly the same.”

Fruit of the loins to Fruit of the Loom, right Dad? (Thanks Dad!) (I’m talking about the shirt you’re wearing in the picture, Dad.)

Kyle Gatehouse is a professional actor and writer who does theatre and film and stuff. He’s really proud of the theatre he’s done and really proud of only one of the films.

He’s laissez-faire and going places (Thanks Mom!).

Matt G is a writer and actor in Montreal. He has a beautiful singing voice, and he’s never even had training. He used to want to grow up to be a young dad. That never happened, so he’s focusing instead on this. He likes making crafts (Thanks Mom!). He likes making dinner (Thanks Dad!).