Metaphorical Mouthful

July 21st, 2011

People ask me all the time what an “amuse bouche” is. “Hey”, they say, “what is an amuse bouche?”

An amuse bouche is a starter that does not appear on the menu, very often a delicate dish prepared by the chef, whetting your appetite for the main attractions. As its name would suggest, an Amuse-Bouche should be fun, playful. If the feast is to be orgasmic experience that the chef intends, than consider the amuse bouche is the precum. 

In fact, this simile is very appropriate. Precum and amuse bouches both perform similar functions, neutralizing the acid in the urethra (or the throat), caused from lingering urine (alcohol, stomach acid, etc.). And like amuse bouches, precum is produced in the Cowper’s Gland (the kitchen), and it acts a lubricant for the recipient. In the end, the tastes are often surprising and thought-provoking, but generally give you an idea of the flavours that await you (in the precum’s case, the throbbing streams of hot gizz).   

I hope this answers all of your precum/amuse bouche questions. Enjoy!

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