Baring His Cross

May 6th, 2011

Dear Jesus,
You fucked up, bro! You should have used your David Blaine style magic to turn that wooden cross into a big floppy penis!

-Would have been way easier for you to drag that shit all the way to Golgotha. 
-Impress the ladies not only with your strength, but with the size of your many manhoods.
-Probably the Jews and Romans would have been too weirded out to whip and punch you. 
-It’s pretty hard to nail a guy to a penis.

Kyle “I Just Figured Out That A Cross Looks Like A Wooden Cactus” Gatehouse

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May 06, 2011
Damn bro, why'd you old me up? I'm supposed to be 33 here!
May 06, 2011
lol OMG