Cooch Hooch, Moonshine, and Anus Aperitifs

February 24th, 2011

Clever kids all over the world have discovered a way to get drunk without anyone noticing, whether at school, or in church, or at a family dinner. It has been learned that by inserting an alcohol soaked tampon into your vagina (for girls) or your anus (for boys, or for girls), you will become intoxicated faster than if you had consumed it orally. The following link confirms that kids have been dunking their tampons in vodka for years.

Brilliant? Yes. But let’s try to add a little sophistication to our spirited suppositories. You like Sex on the Beach? How about Sex on the Beach up the ass? Here are a couple of tampon toddies sure to keep your anus flushed and puckered all day long. How about a Gin-mopped tampon with sweet vermouth and zest of lemon? That tangy nip of citrus really collars the anus and doesn’t let go. Why not try a Screwdriver, a Rusty Nail, or a Rectum Rum Punch? Thirsty for some Southern Comfort? Try some whiskey based cocktails, like a Widow’s Cork, or a Missouri Mule. Be creative kids. Just because you’re bored at school, doesn’t mean your anus has to be.

I guess this one couldn’t handle her booze!

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Mar 25, 2011
Well someone doesn't know how to use a computer..anyway you are very inventive..
Mar 25, 2011
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Feb 25, 2011
Whatever... I've been doing it for years. Got one in there right now...
Feb 24, 2011
Where do you even find this stuff... hilarious. Keep it up!