Dapper Dirty Dicker

February 18th, 2011

When James Bond orders his martini “shaken, not stirred”, he is actually ordering a Bradford. Let’s set the record straight here. 
Boring Bond Fact: Roger Moore used the phrase, “shaken, not stirred”, in one episode of The Saint, eight years before he played James Bond himself!

Okay, I actually got excited while typing that out, so let’s strike “Boring Bond Fact” from the record, and set it straight by renaming it: “Time-Travelling Roger Moore Fact About Lines About Martinis”.

Tune in next week when we set the record straight about bent records: Do they suffer in sound quality?

Kyle “The Straight Record” Gatehouse

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Mar 15, 2011
My kind of cocktail
Feb 21, 2011
ha ha lol ha hee, you never stop surprising me .. Did not see this one coming