Dog Day Afternoon Snack

March 27th, 2011

They say it’s a dog eat dog world. Don’t you think it’s time we get in on some of that action? We’ve been missing out on a healthy, delicious meat for far too long.

With thousands of different species out there, there are endless recipes and flavour combinations. Try a little husky with a whiskey-apple compote. The meat from a Husky’s shoulder is surprisingly tender and compliments beautifully the smoky leathery notes of a Scotch Whiskey.

Logic would dictate that the lazier the dog, the tastier the meat. But that isn’t necessarily true. The laziest dog species are often skinny ratty little creatures like Japanese Chins or Greyhounds. The exception however is the bulldog and its close relatives. Bullmastiffs are giant stupid creatures that are just begging to be ripped apart and devoured.  Try a Bullmastiff with rosemary and roasted parsnip.

Lhasa Apso with barley and leek. Irish Setter stew with garlic and sweet potatoes. A Braque Francais with a peppercorn blue cheese drizzle. The possibilities are endless!


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Mar 29, 2011
That'll solve the overpopulation problem. Whenever breeders fuck up and make weird-looking dogs, they can serve em up, instead of letting ignoring them and causing them spiritual pain. Same should go for humans.