Dominic’s “Rabeet” Stew

December 30th, 2010

Every year, around Christmas time, my girlfriend and I make a trip out to see her grandparents at their farm. Dominic, her grandfather, moved here from Italy with his wife in the early nineteen sixties. A skilled farmer and a compulsive hoarder, at nearly ninety years old, Dominic still toils everyday from sunup until sundown. Shortly after his granddaughter and I arrived, he brought us to see his fattened livestock. “I make rabeet tonight”, he said, gesturing to one of his fattened prisoners, “It’s time to kill rabeet”.

I couldn’t hide my excitement. My girlfriend returned to the house, disgusted by my riotous laughter and my unbridled fist-pumping. This would be my first real animal slaughter. Sure, my roommates and I have killed a few mice scurrying through our apartment, but those were shameful killings. And besides Kyle did most of the dirty work.  

Dominic and I crouched through the hobbled door to his shanty rabbit-prison. Inside, it was nearly pitch dark. The only light peered in from between the uneven wooden slats that made up the prison’s walls. The obese creature lay keeled in the corner, enshrouded amidst the muddy snow at its feet. Its breathing was slow and forced from its imposed gluttony. Dominic drew nearer. The rabbit looked up, certainly recognizing Dominic as the man that brings it its food, and perhaps recognizing that this was not just another feeding. It motioned to hop away, but its instincts were impeded swiftly by its panic or its girth. If it made a sound, I cannot recall. What lingers is the confused image of bloodied snow-white fur enmeshed into the surrounding snow.

That night, I stood beside Dominic, watching as he prepared a hearty stew from our glorious bounty. Served with spinach and a tall glass of his homemade wine. I can’t say I liked any of it. It was all pretty gross.     

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Mike Gagnon
Dec 30, 2010
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