Fire Guydrant

January 31st, 2011

New Yorker style comic: A man is vocally confused as to why his dog isn’t interested in sniffing a fire hydrant (example: “why aren’t you sniffing that hydrant, phil?”). The dog is using his iPhone Piss Pump App to find the nearest hydrant with the best looking bitches’ piss all over it. Or something else that’s boring and ironic and poorly drawn.

Okay wait, here’s another one. A fire hydrant is on fire and he’s all: “woah, this is ironic and boring and poorly drawn”. Also there’s a guy on a desert island and another guy in a therapist’s office, and then a corporate boss saying something sardonic.

p.s. Modern fire hydrants killed the bucket brigade system.

Kyle “I Kept Thinking About Hydras But Couldn’t Figure Out How To Work Them In” Gatehouse

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Jan 31, 2011
I learn so many important things here.