Red carpet Chris.

Chris Agoston

Filmmaker. Wunderkind. Wunderbar. Wonderbra. This guy does it all.
Chris is a graduate of The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, and recently finished writing and directing his first feature, Lick. 
Chris has permanently loaned us his old video camera to transfer footage. He also helped us out when it came time to buy our own video camera. Chris shot and edited the video “Tribute” way back when he still lived in Montreal.

Aimée Ambroziak

Aimée is one of the funniest girls we know. So naturally we gave her a role as a completely serious, almost-mute ghost woman. We blew it. Aimée went to theatre school with Matt G. and just got back from saving the world in Bolivia. She’s awesome.
Aimée appears in episodes six and seven of our upcoming series, The Mormon Cycle. Fun Fact: Matt G. smashed his knee falling off a bike while shooting, and Aimée responded like a pro. She’s a crisis master.

John Arcobelli

John is a graduate of The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, and has an absolutely bonkers collection of airsoft rifles. We still remember the first time he pulled a sniper rifle out from under his couch. 
John was totally awesome during the shoot for The Mormon Cycle. He came out with his car and worked like a dog, and had a super positive attitude. He’s the man. And he’s a professional who knows his stuff.

Jesse Peter Ash

Jesse is a Cool Dude. He makes music on his own and with his band, Reversing Falls, and also makes music and sounds for theatre show plays all around the world. He’s a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, and is a frustratingly talented guy. He’s also super good at breakfast.
Jesse did sound design for The Mormon Cycle (an upcoming series), and wrote the theme song.

K.C. Coombs

K.C. is a regular at the Actors’ Studio of Montreal Improv Night and 48 Hour Film Festival. She produced and starred in her own feature film, Tar Ponds Loonie Give-Away, and now focuses her life on acting, writing and getting ready to die. 
K.C. appears in episode eight of our upcoming series, The Mormon Cycle. We made her scream for most of the day and now she won’t talk to us anymore.

Tom Gatehouse

Tom is Kyle’s little brother. He’s currently enrolled in John Abbott College’s Professional Theatre Program. He likes to build sets and design lights. He plays football and gosh, look out, because he’s a super decent quarterback. 
Tom helped out with sound for a couple episodes of our upcoming series, The Mormon Cycle. Fun Fact: His photo was taken on-set, while he was wiped out with a head-cold, but he kept plugging away! What a trooper!

Greg Halpin

Greg is a childhood friend of both Matt R. and Kyle. He paddles at basically an Olympic level and plays in the band HONHEEHONHEE with Matt R. 
Greg appears in The Demon-stration and was our sound guy for several episodes of The Mormon Cycle, an upcoming series. He held the boom with his shirt off and talked to ladies and generally made us all feel self-conscious. Fun Fact: His photo was taken by Bryan Wilkat!

Sarah Hansen

Sarah is a cool girl who is funny and good at acting. She is a graduate of the Dawson College Professional Theatre Program, and we played beach volleyball with her once. She’s pretty alright at it. 
Sarah appears in Web Wizard Ep. 4. Her dog, Puck, plays “Tanya” in the Web Wizard videos. We discovered that Sarah looks great in Kyle’s mom’s bathrobe, which was weird for Kyle.

Ethan Kalman

Ethan is an animation major at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, and is already a professional film and tv editor. He knows all kinds of small shortcuts through complicated software, he’s like a flexible tech weasel. He writes a blog called the 1000 film challenge, which you can find in our links section. 
Ethan coached Kyle on green-screen editing techniques, and has promised to make some cool animations for the site. Ethan, you promised.

Katie Nolan

Katie Nolan

Katie is a mover and shaker. She’s an actress and dancer that studied theatre at Concordia University and is currently working on a series of short films about Montreal. Here’s a link to that project:
Katie appears in our Praise À La short as “The Girl In Arahova Talking Movies With The Guy In Arahova” (she’s the one sitting across from “The Guy In Arahova Talking Movies With The Girl In Arahova”).

Little school boy Tony.

Anthony Palermo

The Godfather. Tony has been here from the beginning, pulling strings behind the scenes. For years he ran one of Montreal’s most exciting theatre companies, Gravy Bath Productions. He listens to hip-hop and owns a house. 
If Tony hadn’t consistently cracked the whip on us, the site would still be under development. Send all hate mail to him.

Lisa Savard-Quong

Lisa is a graduate of the Dawson College Professional Theatre program. She’s a great actress and a snazzy dresser. She’s also one half of the singing duo Salmon Delilah with Matt G.
Lisa shot the Sex Hotline video, and she also shot and appears in episode one of The This Is How We Live Show.

Aaron Turner

Aaron Turner

Aaron’s an actor and filmmaker and has portrayed Henry V on stage. He is always honing his skills (acting and drying birch bark).
Aaron appears in Praise À La and shot episode three of The This Is How We Live Show. Fun Fact: He ate a whole plate of grilled octopus while filming À La. No surprise there. He requires a large amount of food to power all six foot three of him.

Denise Watt

Denise is a cool girl that we know! She’s an actor and a mom! She’s a graduate of the Dawson College Professional Theatre Program! She has really nice hair!
Denise appears in episode five of The Mormon Cycle, an upcoming series. We also have big plans for her son, Isa…

Decarie Expressway super model.

Bryan Wilkat

Born and raised in Montreal, Bryan followed in his fathers footsteps developing a passion for music and photography at an early age. He is currently completing a Specialization at Concordia University in the Communication Studies department and to date he has produced a number of films and music videos. Most recently he worked as a Director of Photography on Lee Thorburn’s, Juliet is the Sun.
Bryan shot Web Wizard Ep. 2, and took all the pictures you see on the site. He’s our official photographer and go-to good guy.

A terrific theatre company based in Montreal. They’re an amazing group of people, check out their shows. As rock and roll as theatre gets.
A great webshow made by great guys in Montreal.
Bryan is a talented gentleman who can take pictures or shoot a movie for you. It’s been said that he’s a talented gentleman.

Do you like cool bands? Do you like cool guys in cool bands? Look no further.

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