John Landis Mason: Jar Superstar

January 21st, 2011

Dudes and girls too, reduce your sodium intake by buying salt shakers with fewer or smaller openings at the top!
Ladies and also men, did you know that Zebras migrate a really stupid huge distance just to lick salt off the ground?
Boyfriends and girl tommy-boys, that mini Shai-Hulud poops eye-changing spice into your salt Dunes.

Kyle “I Miss You Chani, My Desert Princess” Gatehouse

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Aug 12, 2015
do you guys remember that band duotermgagh? a recent band that played hardcore shows and only the youngest kids would watch them because they were gay and poppy. the type of band that would be really popular in fresno but couldn't get a show in SF. hella easycore. very heavy movielife influence, i'm sure they would probably cop to it. i'm not sure what makes the movielife proto-easycore cause i feel like the sound was already pretty developed by this point via saves the day / get up kids.