Ox Cox

May 13th, 2011

Methane: A more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, with 25-50 times the warming effect. 
Concentrated High-Corn Diet: Increases acidity in bovine digestive tract, which leads to…
Cow Burps: With higher than normal methane levels, coupled with…
Too Many Cows: 1.5 billion cattle worldwide, burping tornados of methane into the atmosphere, becoming the third most significant cause of global warming.

The solution is not “stop fattening cows with corn”, nor is it “eat less meat”…
The only way to stop this devastating stampede of ozone assassins is to “stop having kids”.

Humans produce way too many humans. Just had two kids? Great. Now we need five more cows, two for eating two for milking and one for fucking to make the other four.
Next time you reach for your steak knife, stick it in your dining partner instead of your meat.

Let’s take this overpopulation bull by the horns and castrate it, so 1. we can eat the balls (delicacy) and 2. we can pull our cart to market, the market of future human prosperity.

Kyle “Metaphor Master” Gatehouse

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May 14, 2011
Bulls usually have rings through their noses. Wait... it's a cock ring!
May 14, 2011
Well said and drawn
May 14, 2011
What about all the Bull shit too!