Pennies for Julia

March 20th, 2011

There’s an old Medieval tradition to stuff your puddings or cakes with some money, usually just one silver coin for some lucky sod. But for my cousin’s birthday this week, I wanted to do her one better. I baked a cake with 36 dollars worth of change in it.

Nobody knew what or how much was in the cake except me. The cake was decorated to look like a bright copper penny. Pretty smart, eh? I said to her, “there’s a special surprise in that cake there, Julia. Can you guess what it is?”

She’s 7 years old and has a vivid imagination. She kept guessing retarded things like bugs, gerbels, walnuts. This is when my mom leaned over and asked, “Did you put a penny in that cake?”

“Ah, ah, ah” I said. “I’m not telling”

“Matthew, if you did, you need to tell her. She could choke.”

But she didn’t choke. Instead when she pierced that cake with her fork, Julia struck gold. “Smarties?’ she asked. ”No, not smarties.” It took twenty minutes, but she  found all 2565 pennies, the 36 dimes and every last one of the 135 nickels, sucking on all of them to extract them from the fluffy, creamy, coppery batter.

Happy Birthday Julia!

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Mar 23, 2011
I will have to do this ,,,,,
Mar 20, 2011
I wonder which, of the pennies, dimes and nickels, are more likely to give someone a metal-poisoning problem? or which one first? My guess is the nickels.