Philips V2000

January 10th, 2011

It was believed that using a VCR to rewind your VHS tapes could lead to kinks in the tape, which would corrupt playback.
VHS tape rewinder machines were marketed as a safe alternative, to preserve the integrity of those beloved VHS tapes you planned on watching and re-watching.
However some VHS tape rewinder brands suffered from frequent abrupt stops, which occasionally lead to tape and/or film damage, rendering their entire existence almost as idiotic as my large collection of VHS tape rewinders.

Fun Fact: You can store up to 5 GB of computer information on VHS tapes using a number of different systems, such as those developed by American companies Corvus and Alpha Microsystems. ArVid was also widely used in Russia, while Backer was popular in England.

Fun Experiment: Back up your computer porn on top of your old VHS porn tapes. New and old porn meet in a hairy/shaved hi/lo def obsolete/weirdly-still-relevant fuck format.

Gonna go watch my JVC VHS of JCVD (bootlegged, don’t tell him or he’ll legboot me).

Kyle “Ninja Turtles Is For Sure My Most Watched VHS” Gatehouse

p.s. Okay maybe Judge Dredd.

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