Restauronicle, 1st Entry

August 28th, 2011

Someday, I’d like to have my own restaurant. A cozy place where I can cook for my friends, be creative everyday and have a bunch of immigrants wash my dishes. But I’d want my restaurant to be unique, something special, not just another one of those cleverly named dimly lit bistro-style hipster joints. So From here on out, my blog will be an assortment of ideas, themes, conceptual decors and potential menus for my future restaurant. You will all eat there someday, so enjoy the restaurant’s humble beginnings here, today, now, and forever. And as always your feedback is appreciated, looked over very briefly and never responded to.

Idea #1: Optics and Word Fun

How about instead of menus, customers receive mirrors, and the menu will be written out on the walls behind them, only backwards. And like Indiana Jones, Alex Mack, or Shirley Holmes, they’ll have to decipher the daily specials through these mirrors. Or, the entire floor would be a mirror and the menu would be written backwards on the ceiling. The restaurant will be called, “Objects in Mirror Are More Delicious Than They Appear”.

Dyslexics will have an especially hard time. If you thought hiding your learning disability from your friends was difficult before, just wait until you come to my restaurant. If alienating dyslexics is my number one priority (I haven’t yet decided if it is or isn’t), consider a restaurant with anagrammed menus, word puzzles, confusing fonts and unbridled spelling errors. This restaurant would be called “IsDelXya” or “Jay Leno Doesn’t Eat Here”

Note: look into other optics-related menu ideas: menus via periscopes, microscopes, kaleidoscopes.

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