Resuscitate Mealtime with your Favorite Medicine

April 7th, 2011

It all started with the Flaming Homer, revolutionizing mixology with a new delicious ingredient: cough syrup. It’s nearly twenty years later and cough syrup has finally found its way into mainstream cuisine. Here are a few tantalizing recipes with children’s medicine taking center stage!

Duck with a blackberry Dimetapp sauce
As any child knows, cherry dimetapp is tart and stringent. But grape Dimetapp is timeless, evoking memories of staying home from school and playing videogames in your PJs. Pair it with a plump duck breast and let the tangy medicine-y flavours dance on your tongue.  

Pecan Buckley’s Pie
They should change Buckley’s motto to “it tastes awful, but its delicious in a pie”. The subtle tastes of Canada Balsam wood and Pine needle oil are complimented perfectly by the butter and pecans. Perfect those cold winter nights by the fire. Close your eyes and imagine it’s frontier times when everything tasted like conifers.

Amoxicillin Curry Chicken
This one will be a little harder to make. Amoxicillin is the prescription-only banana flavored antibiotics you used to have bouncing in your mother’s arms, sobbing from a dreadful ear-infection. You might have to forge a doctor’s signature or pinch a little from your toddler’s stash, but it’s worth the trouble. Try Amoxicillin with spicy curry for a tropical sensation!

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Apr 07, 2011
Come up with a recipe for NyQuil please!