Seperate Water Fountains for your Meat and Your Potatoes

April 21st, 2011

After Wolrd War II, Americans were encouraged to consume like never before. This was of course to coax the economy, but also to exact a rigid control over the American population. And nowhere was this control more evident than in the invention of the TV dinner.

TV dinners moved families away from the dining room, discouraging conversation and dialogue. But, more importantly, the subtle partitions of the microwave dinner had an even greater impact on our society.

If indeed we are what we eat, then we are a society of bigots. These partitions are symbols of our boundaries, our imposed restrictions, a symbol of our civil unrest. The grooves seperating your turkey from your corn mirror the walls seperating the blacks from the whites.

What is the Berlin wall if not a large scale TV dinner?

The concept has worked so well, that it has since been introduced to other more suppressive environments: prisons, high school cafeterias, Indian restaurants.

It is time to tear down the walls that seperate our foods and the walls that seperate us from each other.  

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Apr 26, 2011
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