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May 2nd, 2011

Who among us has never asked ourselves one of these common questions?

Q: How can you tell if a dolphin is amorous? 
Q: Do dolphins know where our sex organs are right away, or do they need to learn?
Q: Where can I find a compendium of well-written, first-hand accounts of sexy dolphin times?

Today I have for you, my dear readers, a very special treat indeed. 
Follow the link below and reap your reward. The reward of knowledge, solidarity… love.

Kyle “Just Booked Ticket To Marine Land, Filled Bag With Durex: Dolphin” Gatehouse

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1 Comment

J. Dolphin
May 05, 2011
A dolphin once tried to rape my cousin. Same dolphin hit me in the ribs real hard. True story. J.