Suk-Suiy’s Smile

March 31st, 2011

Stroll through the aisles of any mega-mart grocery store and you are greeted by the friendliest faces. I’m not talking about the employees, who are almost always miserable shlubs. Actually, I’m referring to the logos and spokespeople of our favorite products.

Cereal boxes, soups and rice packets. Pastas, coffees and toilet paper. We are greeted with a smile at every turn. Sadly not every grocery store can boast such a happy ensemble.

Asian markets and grocery stores feature strange and wonderful products adorned with beautiful geishas, Rayden-like fishmongers, and mystical creatures of the sea. And yet no one is smiling. These characters stare out blankly, following the patrons like portraits in a haunted castle.

Chef Boyardee is a timeless icon, representing overweight Italians everywhere, proudly wearing a glorious smile neath his swirling moustache. Aunt Jemima, a symbol of matriarchal syrupy wisdom, strength and warmth in the face of adversity. If she can smile, why can’t Suk Suiy, the crimson octopus for Mangmangmoy food company? Suk Suiy simply holds out his eight arms, presenting his pickled beet root with icy indifference.

And Madam Liushu Leiho Hung symbolizes nothing more than humorless determination and steadfast food preparation. Not even her cleavage, stern and jagged, makes her line of stir-fry sauces any more appealing.

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Mar 31, 2011
I do so enjoy your posts