Sweet Deal, Philip Diehl

March 4th, 2011

Guys, there is some seriously interesting info about ceiling fans on Wikipedia, the Internet’s Most Un-Citable Encyclopedia. 
Let’s start from the top (of the ceiling). 
The first ceiling fans only had two blades! What?? By World War I everyone smartened up and doubled the blades on those bitches, effectively doubling their effectiveness. 
Then, by the end of World War II, everyone lost their minds again and ceiling fans fell out of vogue in the United States, and all but disappeared until the 1950′s. How the heck was everyone pushing air either up or down from the ceiling (depending on the angle of the fan blades)??
Thank God for the 1970′s! The energy crisis brought about a resurgence in the popularity of ceiling fans, since they were a low energy consumption alternative to air conditioners. 
But guess what happened y’all, the 1990′s rolled around and everyone forgot about our old friend the ceiling fan. Once-standard features (such as solid wood blades, built-in variable speed-dials, high-quality stator/rotor (“stack”) motors, and die-cast steel construction) were being largely replaced by cheap, standardized parts. Holy fuck what a bummer!


Since 2000 there have been important inroads made by companies offering higher price ceiling fans with more decorative value. So now not everyone can own one, but at least they’re still being made. 

Kyle “Why Don’t They Teach University Courses About This” Gatehouse

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