Web Wizard Ep. 4

March 8th, 2011

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Matt R’s midnight meddling within the Webernet reveals deep secrets about the origins of his comedy ideas, while Kyle and Matt G sleep on unaware.
Watch as Matt R in-loads through multiple layers of consciousness, meets an omniscient God who lives at the center of the Webernet, and discovers that cats can be sexy.

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Asner, E.
Mar 13, 2011
Everyone knows Matt G. doesn't vomit. Whatever comes up, he swallows right back down. And it's god damned admirable.
Yakety Yak
Mar 11, 2011
"I've Got A Feeling" that behind that clean 'look', Matt G. is a real "Bad Boy".
Mar 10, 2011
Matt G yakking .. Sorry I cannot see that, he is too clean to yakk! That boy is above yakking..but then again he would do it with STYLE!!
Matt and Kyle and Matt
Mar 09, 2011
Actually Emma, Kyle held the record for most barfs before this video. But after Matt R's super spew in his blog's Taxidermy DVD review, they were tied for one puke each. Now, after WebWiz 4, Matt R is in the lead for most chunks blown! Next up: Matt G yakking!
Blartyfast Bell
Mar 08, 2011
Dream within a dream within a dream tastic.
Mar 08, 2011
Why is it that Matt R. barfs in most video's ? You made me laugh..