Wedding Predictions #0820: Annie and Menno

August 23rd, 2011

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Back in the early nineties, we had predicted that our friends Annie and Menno would one day tie the knot. At the time, we were producing thousands of predictive wedding tapes, pairing up all of our friends in the hopes that we would be saving a lot of time and energy on future gifts when their special days eventually came.

We spent twenty two sleepless months making this series. So far, only one of those videos has proven accurate and usable: this one, the first wedding VHS to leave the vault and see the light of day… Annie and Menno’s wedding day!

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Aug 23, 2011
Hey ... No longer "Free As A Bird".
Aug 23, 2011
I learned a lot of important facts about ducks--thank you. And congrats on making it to a point where you can now get the likes of Angelina Jolie to do a cameo!
Aug 23, 2011
I will Be sending you My invite soon ......But you must Promise me noo Golden suits ..ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!